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Custom Orders

Do you have an idea you want brought to life? Contact us about custom designs- a collaboration between you and our designers. After discussing your concept, we begin by sending you sketches based on your ideas. Once you choose the final look, we take your measurements and create a one-of-a kind costume piece to add to your wardrobe.

Contact or call 656-756-0055 for pricing.

LED Sequin Tuxedo Jackets

LED Sequin Tuxedo Jackets at Lightning Society's The Celestial Burlesquerade

Game of Thrones Inspired Sequin Cloak

If Jon Snow went to Burning Man this is what he would wear

Fabric Shopping

Tracey choosing fabric for her goddess robe

Sequin Halter Dress

Sequin Vest with Feather Epaulettes

Burning Man 2014
Burning Man 2014

Orchid Fringe Top

EDC 2013
EDC 2013

Sequin Scoodie

Color-changing sequin silver/navy scoodie for Burning Man 2015

Sequin Pants

Concept Sketch for Sequin Pants
Sequin Pants at Lightning Society's Courtesan's Voyage

Kris in Black/White Sequin Pants

Everyone loves sequin pants

Swimmable Sequin Mermaid Costume

Swimmable sequin mermaid tail and matching swimsuit top

Maleficient Inspired Feather Top

Maleficient inspired feather top for Insomniac's Escape from Wonderland 2015

Psychedelic Rave Dress

Custom order for Beyond Wonderland 2015

Sequin Warrior Robe

Sequin Warrior Robe at PEX Summerfest 2015

Sequin Cape, Feather Collar, and LED Tulle Skirt

Stella on her way to Lightning Society's New Year's Party

Feather Collar and Silver Leaf Top

Lightning Society, New Year's 2016

Sequin Fringe Armwarmers

PEX Summerfest 2015

Sequin Hoodie with Feather Epaulettes

sequin costume edc
Electric Daisy Carnival 2015
EDC 2015

Red/Black Goddess Robe

Red/black sequins with black velvet lining

Silver/Turquoise Goddess Robe

Silver/turquoise sequins

Aztec Warrior Hood

burning man acessory