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Sequin Scoodie


Badass reversible color changing sequin hood scarf with contrasting lining. This regal hood can be worn three different ways: hanging open, closed as an infinity scarf, or wrapped around your neck.


Functional and stylish, our sequin scoodie will keep you warm and dress up any outfit.

3 hoods for the price of one! The hood is reversible so you can wear it multiple ways. You get the warmth of a hoodie paired with the dazzle of a headdress… perfect for chilly evenings when you want to keep warm but still want to look like a badass.

Customizable fabric options: choose your outer sequin fabric and lining options. Sequins change color as your rub your hand up and down the fabric. It feels fun to the touch and it looks amazing to watch it change colors before your eyes! Fabric is MOOP free and perfect for festivals.

Sequin Fabric Options:

  • Black- Silver
    Black- Matte Silver
    Black- Matte Black
    Matte Black-Matte Grey
    Matte Black- Matte White
  • Midnight Blue- Silver
    Matte Navy-Silver (shown in photos)
    Matte Blue-Matte Purple
  • Red/Gold
    Matte Red/Matte Black
    Matte Burgundy/Matte Beige
  • Gold/Silver
    Gold/ Matte Gold
    Matte Champagne- Matte Silver
    Champagne- Silver
    Matte Ivory-Light Gold
    Matte White-Silver
    Matte Silver- Silver
    Matte Bronze- Matte Cream
  • Turquoise-Silver


  • Iridescent Pink-Matte Pink
    Iridescent Pearl Pink- Matte White
    Dusty Pink-Matte Dusty Pink
    Iridescent Lavender Pink-Black
    Hot Pink-Black

    Iridescent Pearl Green- Matte Light Green
    Iridescent Peacock-Black
    Iridescent Mermaid-Matte Black
    Iridescent Mermaid-Silver

Lining Options:

  • Stretch velvet
  • Metallic spandex
  • Brocade
  • Black fleece

Please inquire for photos of fabric samples.

Made to order. Please allow 1 week for construction.


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