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Men’s Sequin Warrior Robe


Customizable sequin warrior robe perfect for dancing till sunrise.


Feel like a boss in our sequin warrior robe. Beautiful things happen when light hits the fabric. Perfect for Burning Man, costume parties, music festivals, and dancing till sunrise.

Extremely comfortable, and looks great on any size.

Fabric Description: Depending on fabric chosen, robes are made from single color sequins or interactive sequin fabric in two tones. The finished effect ressembles shiny dragon scale. Trimmed with faux fur in black, brown, or white.

Hood is lined with a contrasting color in velvet or trippy spandex.

Note: This item is 100% customizable. We work with customers to make a one-of-a-kind piece according to their fabric choices and size. Please inquire about photos of other fabric options. Anything you’re thinking of is possible!

Interactive Sequin Fabric Options:

  • Black- Silver
    Black- Matte Silver
    Black- Matte Black
    Matte Black-Matte Grey
    Matte Black-Silver
    Matte Black- Matte Champagne
    Matte Black- Matte White

    Midnight Blue- Silver
    Navy- Matte Silver
    Matte Navy-Silver
    Matte Blue-Matte Purple

    Matte Red/Matte Black (shown in photos)
    Matte Burgundy/Matte Beige

    Light Gold/Silver
    Gold/ Matte Gold
    Matte Champagne- Matte Silver
    Champagne- Silver
    Matte Ivory-Light Gold
    Matte White-Silver
    Matte Silver- Silver
    Matte Beige- Light Gold
    Matte Bronze- Matte Cream

    Turquoise-Matte Copper
    Iridescent Pearl Pink- Matte White
    Iridescent Lavender Pink-Black

    Iridescent Pearl Green- Matte Light Green
    Iridescent Peacock-Black
    Iridescent Mermaid-Matte Black
    Iridescent Mermaid-Silver

Please allow 2 weeks for construction.


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