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Men’s Sequin Faux Fur Vest

$550.00 $500.00

Winter is here, stay warm yet fabulous in this badass sequin vest made from color changing sequins.


The most interesting outerwear piece you’ll ever own.

Made from color changing sequins and fluffy faux fur, this vest not only keeps you warm in cold temperatures, but serves as a conversation piece. The sequin fabric is interactive and changes color when you move your hand over it.

Can be worn as a costume piece or part of your winter wardrobe

Perfect for nights at festivals like Burning Man when you want to stand out in a crowd.

Made to order according to client measurements.

Black, white, or grey faux fur options also available

Color changing sequin options (subject to availability):

  • Black- Silver
    Black- Matte Silver
    Black- Matte Black
    Matte Black-Matte Grey
    Matte Black-Silver
    Matte Black- Matte Champagne
    Matte Black- Matte White

    Midnight Blue- Silver
    Navy- Matte Silver
    Matte Navy-Silver
    Matte Blue-Matte Purple

    Matte Red/Matte Black
    Matte Burgundy/Matte Beige

    Light Gold/Silver
    Gold/ Matte Gold
    Matte Champagne- Matte Silver
    Champagne- Silver
    Matte Ivory-Light Gold (shown in photos)
    Matte White-Silver
    Matte Silver- Silver
    Matte Beige- Light Gold
    Matte Bronze- Matte Cream

    Iridescent Peacock-Black
    Iridescent Mermaid-Matte Black
    Iridescent Mermaid-Silver


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