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Gaia Goddess Coat

$1,150.00 $900.00

Inspired by the beauty of California’s redwood forests, this beautiful sequin coat combines matte sequins with luxurious faux fur.


Elegance and style are epitomized in this luxurious coat made from reversible sequins, soft faux fur, and shimmering metallic velvet. Change your coat from bronze to matte beige as you move your hands over the reversible mermaid flip sequin fabric. Sleeves are lined with a soft cuddle faux fur while the body of the coat is lined with an elegant cream velvet.


  • Interactive color changing outer lining
  • Oversize hood made from an exquisite Tibetan sand fox faux fur in ivory/beige.
  • Asymmetrical cut with bias draping
  • Gathered cream velvet cuffs or fluffy faux fur cuffs
  • Zipper pockets

Made to order to your measurements- allow 1-2 weeks for construction.

Other colors are currently in production. Contact to see photos

PAYMENT PLAN AVAILABLE- 50% deposit required to preorder.




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