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Fairy Goddess Fringe Dress


Be a fairy queen in this beautiful sexy fringe dress perfect for festivals or frolicking in the woods.


Pair with matching panties or a bikini bottom for a sexy peekaboo look, or with leggings for everyday wear.

– Adjustable corset lacing on the sides
– Sequin tribal print bodice (5 color options)
– Lightweight fringe bottom that moves with the wind

Tribal Sequin Color Options (subject to availibility)
– Black/bronze with black fringe
– White/bronze with white fringe
– Red/gold with black fringe
– Teal/black with black fringe
– White/gold/turquoise with white fringe (shown in listing photos)
– Navy/beige/green with black fringe

Sizes: XS- 32-34 A
Small- 34B-32C
Medium- 34C-32D
Large: 34-38D

Children’s version also possible upon request


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