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Do you have what it takes to be a Fringe & Epaulette brand ambassador? We're looking for a group of unique men and women to represent our brand internationally.


  • You’re more than a pretty face, your contagious energy infects everyone you meet
  • You don’t hold back on the dancefloor
  • You’re a style influencer with a unique sense of style
  • You have great energy and positive vibes
We live in a world that tells us that we have to look and act a certain way in order to be accepted by normal society. Seeing people go against this norm and express their individuality is one of the most beautiful things experienced at transformative festivals. Fringe & Epaulette’s design goal is to make clothes that encourage our customers to let their authentic self shine without fear of judgement. As part of our brand ambassador program, you’ll sparkle through festivals in our unique designs, and inspire others to be fabulous and free.

Fill out our brand ambassador survey for a chance to be one of our 2018 festival ambassadors and receive 25% off your next order. Contact Yoshi at for more information.