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the brand


Founded in 2014 by Yoshi Churnac, Fringe & Epaulette strives to use fashion as a medium to express your inner goddess and your most authentic self. Elements of historical fashion are mixed with those of dance wear to create a look that’s out of this world- transformative fashion that increases the magic of the festival and dance club experience. Fringe & Epaulette incorporates details such as light reflecting sequin fabric and fringe in order to emphasize movement and convey how each wearer interprets music in their own special way.

When you wear Fringe & Epaulette, you’re wearing not just an outfit, but unique wearable art. Designed for the wanderer who seeks adventure, puts their soul into everything they do, and lives for the now, each piece is part of a limited edition serie. Made with love, handle with care.

the designer

A Jamaican born graduate from the High School of Fashion Industries, I was inspired to design after attending my first Burning Man in 2013 and witnessing the amazing Burning Man costumes created in the Burner fashion scene. I”m lucky to live in New York City where there’s an established Burner community and numerous Burning Man regional events year round. I try to make my normal life contain as much playa magic as possible, and take any opportunity to dress in fabulous outfits.

I call my style aesthetic goddess couture, and aim to design garments that allow women to let their inner goddess shine. We live in a world that tells us that we have to look and act a certain way in order to be accepted by normal society. Seeing people go against this norm and express their individuality is one of the most beautiful things I’ve witnessed at transformative festivals. My first year at Burning Man, I was not only amazed by the extraordinary festival fashion, but the range of human expression I saw on playa. Never before had I seen people express themselves so creatively and connect with others. Going to festivals and costuming has changed my life, and helped me to become a better person who is open to new experiences. My goal is to encourage others to feel the same way when they wear Fringe & Epaulette. I design with the intent of creating a magical experience for my clients and those who view them.

contact us.

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